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Every day, thousands of people and companies from the United Kingdom, default on their car loans or lease payments. As a result their new, or almost new cars get repossessed or seized by financial institutions and auctioned off in a hurry because the cost of storing the cars outweighs the banks' ability to try to make the lost money back (same with police auctions, etc.). The UK Government also needs to sell it's own vehicles after a certain time due to their policies and overall financial considerations. These vehicles have been written down in the books and offered to the public. To find out more about the repossessed cars check FAQ and About Us.

Usually the cars are being sold in large lots and for this reason, most of the winning bidders are dealerships

ELITE CARS UNLIMITED purchases these vehicles from auctions all over UK

All of our approved used cars undergo a comprehensive 93 point vehicle quality inspection (accidents, major mechanical failure, odometer-tampering, and salvage or flood damage) at our state of the art preparation centre. Any component that did not pass the inspection have been replaced or repaired.

Our certified mechanics inspect all vehicles for accidents, major mechanical failure, odometer-tampering, and salvage or flood damage.

We only offer for sale vehicles that pass our stringent criteria. We don't have subscription fees, the cars listed are available and you can get them in less than five business days at your door.

STEPS TO FOLLOW when buying a car from our company:

  1. Browse our vehicle inventory by viewing a full list of our in stock vehicles.
  2. Use our Contact form or Live Help with any questions you might have.
  3. Send us your request to buy any listed vehicle using the RESERVE button.
  4. Once the Reservation application form is completed, please use our Live Help in order to schedule the delivery of the vehicle and the payment terms and conditions.
  5. Follow the payment instruction provided by our Live Help representatives. Once the payment is completed please email the proof of payment.
  6. We will start the shipping process within 2 business days after the payment is confirmed.
    - ELITE CARS UNLIMITED will arrange for transportation to your location.
    - The shipping is free within the UK. The car remains fully insured for damage during the shipping, buyer inspection process and prior to title transfer.
  7. Depending on the distance and our shipping schedule it will take up to 5 business days to receive the car. We will contact you 24 hours before the delivery in order to schedule the exact time of arrival.
  8. Inspect the vehicle within 3 business days. Have the car inspected by an independent mechanic or arrange an inspection yourself.
  9. A) If the car does not correspond to your expectations or our description we will FULLY refund your payment within 3 business days and collect the car from you (free of charges). The payment is FULLY refundable.

    B) If you decide to keep the vehicle ELITE CARS UNLIMITED will take care of all the formalities and paperwork (including export papers if needed).
    The car that's purchased is provided with all the documents and papers that are needed for registration.
    All these documents are given to you by  ELITE CARS UNLIMITED upon the vehicle reception.
    With these documents you can register the car easily. Thanks to our experience we know exactly what papers are needed