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Our Company

  • ELITE CARS UNLIMITED is a company dedicated to remarketing repossessed vehicles from banks, Credit Unions, financial institutions or the government.
  • With over 7 years in the market, we are highly specialized in this field. Our main priority is to insure the fair market value of each unit based on an honest evaluation.
  • is our online retail facility. This website is open in order to offer to the public a 24/7 service. All units listed for sale on our website have passed a 93-component inspection. All buyers are strongly encouraged to shop around and compare similar vehicles so that you truly understand the "Outstanding Value" of our lot. For added piece of mind, we have a fast and secure payment system. Our qualified staff will assist you in finding the right vehicle for you, depending on your preference and budget.
What is a repossessed vehicle?

  • A large number of people or companies have either had their vehicles repossessed or have voluntarily turned them in to their lenders.
  • What's more, it is likely there are many more repos in the pipeline.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, repossessed cars sold through repo car auctions are not damaged nor are they old. The term repossessed in repo car auctions is being used to mean that the cars have been taken over by the government or by a financial company from those who have problems meeting their financial obligations. They are not, therefore, sold, simply because their owners have found them no longer road worthy. Because of this, the high quality in repossessed cars is almost always 100% guaranteed.
  • The financial institutions are organizing auctions in order to sell the vehicles. These kinds of offers are hard-to-find. Usually the cars are being sold in large lots and for this reason, most of the winning bidders are dealerships. Because of this, many of this repossessed vehicles end up at the dealerships.
  • In order to sell the cars to the public, the dealers are organizing other auctions. On these auctions, the dealers are selling the vehicles to private buyers, for bigger price, of course.
Our competitive advantage

  • When going to repo car auctions, it may be necessary to find out how the auctions are being conducted. One truth in repo car auctions is that you can never tell as to how much your dream car will be sold at. Especially if there is another person in the room who is also as in love with the same dream car as you are, but that he or she has a lot more money than you do, he or she can considerably outbid you.
  • ELITE CARS UNLIMITED does it for you, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEARCH FOR AUCTIONS AND BE OUTBID IN THE LAST MOMENT. We buy the cars and then offer them for sale like a normal dealership does. We don’t buy a car, we buy hundreds and NO PRIVATE BUYER CAN GET THE PRICE WE GET AT AN AUCTION. Anyway, few dealerships can compete with our prices.
  • We make the difference because while other companies are only offering information about the repo cars auctions, we actually have the cars for sale. No more hassle, no more expensive fees, no more search for auctions and never know what you are going to get. We do this work for you.
  • The sale price of each unit is based on the price we paid at the auction, regardless of the balance owed to the financial institution. THE PRICES LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE ARE FINAL AND HAVE NO OTHER HIDDEN OR ADDITIONAL COSTS. ALL THE VEHICLES ARE COMING WITH A CLEAR HPI. All documentation will be completed by our company so there is no concern of error.
  • Our business is concentrated on profit from quantity (not high prices) and fast capital movement. That’s why we prefer to sell a great number of cars and to obtain low profit margins per sold unit instead of selling a limited number of vehicles at very high prices. At the end, the selling price of our vehicles stays low, without affecting our general profit. In this way, we keep our customers satisfied and we also obtain a good profit. It is a win/win situation.
  • At ELITE CARS UNLIMITED we realize that a car is an important purchase. You should be completely satisfied with your investment.
  • Our certified mechanics thoroughly inspect all vehicles for accidents, major mechanical failure, odometer-tampering, and salvage or flood damage. We only sell vehicles that pass our stringent criteria. When you buy a vehicle from ELITE CARS UNLIMITED it will perform and look as good as it can.
  • All vehicles are sold with no sales tax since they are repossessions.
  • ELITE CARS UNLIMITED works for YOU, the potential car buyer, to ensure your car purchase is smooth and without any incidents. Our car buying service makes buying a car hassle-free with no heavy sales pitches or time-consuming visits going from car yard to car yard. As your personal car sellers, we do all the hard work for you. We ensure that you get the vehicle of your choice at a price better than you would ever believe. We guarantee it!
  • We encourage you to act fast. All inventory moves rather quickly. The inventory available today may be sold tomorrow.